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DV Indicators is dedicated to providing unique indicators and tools to improve your trading. Our research and development is backed by CSS Analytics, a firm that does consulting for hedge funds and institutions all over the world. CSS helps to give DV Indicators a distinct edge through employing non-parametric statistical methods within our product line. Our core philosophy is built around innovation and adaptation, and most importantly your potential bottom line.

Educational DV_indis Videos by Quantum Indicators

A big thank you to Dave Evans and Mrkt_Rewind for starting an educational video series on trading DV_indicators at the Quantum Indicators YouTube Channel!   Following is a video by Dave Evans using the rapid development MS Excel tools that are part of the DV_Indis Research Service to develop a Silver (SLV) Exchange Traded Fund [...]

What is the Livermore Trend Ranking?

The acronym “LTR” simply stands for the Livermore Trend Ranking. The concept was inspired by literature on Jesse Livermore as well as legendary speculators like Nicholas Darvas. Both traders tended to favor stocks that were predictable and trended smoothly. Livermore was indifferent to direction- he was equally likely to short in bear markets, while Darvas [...]

DV2 in different 30-day volatility regimes

In the last post we looked at trading DV2 at extremes in rising or falling 50dma environments. Our goal was to perform an intermediate-term time frame analysis using the 50 day moving average to represent the trend. Today I thought we would look at capturing something different: trading DV2 extremes within different 30-day volatility regimes [...]

Short DV2 with rising/falling 50dma

As we reverse the analysis from the last post, we take a peek at the short side. Looking at the SPY again, here are entries into overbought conditions (DV2>80) relative to the rising or falling 50dma, a gauge of intermediate term trend conditions with a lag. Here we see again it pays to invest with [...]